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Club Officer Duties

National Toastmasters Club is guided by an Executive Committee consisting of 7 elected members, plus immediate past president:

  1. President
  2. Vice President Education
  3. Vice President Membership
  4. Vice President Public Relations
  5. Secretary
  6. Treasurer
  7. Sergent at Arms
  8. Immediate Past President

A new Executive Committee is elected each year, usually in the second meeting (4th Tuesday) of May. The committee's term in office starts from 1st July to 31st June the next year.

The role of the Executive Committee is to "maintain an educational and enjoyable atmosphere in the club while maintaining co-ordination through the various levels of the Toastmasters structure", according to the club's official Compendium. The Committee cordinate, organize and mange the club's activities and resources to ensure the continued success of the club, both in terms of membership and educational advancement of its members.

The section of the website aims to provide information on the duties required from each club officer position in National Toastmasters. Apart from this website, a wealth of related information can also be found on District 70 or Toastmasters International web sites.



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