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Club President

The president holds the most important office in a Toastmasters club. As president, you provide the leadership and guidance the club needs to meet its standards and to become a Distinguished Club. You are responsible for providing the supportive club environment members need to fulfill their self-development goals, for making sure that members benefit from the Toastmasters educational program, and that the club recruits new members and retains current ones.

The main duties the club president are:

  1. Set Distinguished Club Plan (DCP) goals
  2. Preside over Club and Executive Committee meetings
  3. Ensure that semi-annual reports and new officer lists are sent to TI on time
  4. Ensure that all members of the Executive Committee know their duties and carry them out

For more information, guidance and advice on this role, you could also turn to other more experienced members of the club, or download and consult the Toastmasters International's guide "When you are the President"


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