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Vice President Education

The office of vice president education is a critical office in a Toastmasters club. The VP Education is second in command and the club's educational program depends on the him/her to carry out the club’s mission.

The main duties of the Vice President is to manage the club's educational programme, preparing meeting agendas, assigning meeting roles, supporting members in achieving their educational goals, and submitting members' awards/achievements to Toastmasters International.

The club duties that would fall under the VP Education, according to National Toastmasters' Club Compendium, are:

  1. Plan meetings assignments at least 3 meetings in advance
  2. Introduce new members and visitors to the Toastmasters program
  3. Recognise the educational accomplishments of members
  4. Sign manuals after each speech

A really useful guide for the VP Education, When You Are the Vice President Education, is provided each year by Toastmasters International. A soft copy (PDF) can also be downloaded here.


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