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Master of the Toast

The purpose of this contest is for the speaker to present a 2-3 minute toast in honor of a person, cause or special occasion. The toast is to be original, and the audience is to serve as "guests" at the toast. The toast must clearly state the occation or person being honored and personalized through stories, annecdotes or quotes relating to the subject.

Past Winners

2016   David Waters
2015   David Waters
2014   Sheena Garg
2011    Michael Caloudis
2010    Ruth Rinot
2009    Ruth Rinot
2008    David Waters
2007    Belinda Creswell
2006    Andrew Garven
2005    Andrew Garven
2004    Ruth Rinot
2003    Andrew Garven
2002    Michael Caloudis
2001    Ruth Rinot
2000    Steve Howard
1999    David Hire
1998    Dawn Jennings
1997    Ross Clennett
1996    Dawn Jennings
1995    Naleen-Helen Greenwood


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